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GameAudio & Art

import sys

sys.path.append(RPR_GetResourcePath() + r"\UserPlugins")

from AZSTOKE_BRONZE_python import *

def Msg(parm):

    RPR_ShowConsoleMsg(str(parm) + "\n")

retval,_,_,_,mediaName,_ = AZ_GetTrackMediaName(0,1,0,"",1024)



retval,_,_,_,mediaName,_ = AZ_GetTrackMediaName(projID,trackID,trackItemID,outMediaName,outMediaSize)

- API -



Get the name of the specified media in the specified track.

- API Detail-

▼Input value

  • projID(integer) : Project ID

  • trackID(integer) : track ID

  • trackItemID(integer): Track media ID

  • outMediaName(string): Sets the frame of the string ("") only

  • MediaSize(integer) : Specifies the size (number of characters) of outMediaName. *Specify the size that will definitely fit (e.g. 1024).

▼Output value

  • retval(bool): Whether the API execution was successful or not

  • projID (integer): Output the same as the input, but use "_"

  • trackID (integer): Output the same as the input, with "_"

  • trackItemID (integer): Output the same as the input. Use "_" to handle

  • mediaName(string) : Name of the media

  • mediaSize(integer) : Output the same as the input, but with "_"

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