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GameAudio & Art

import sys

sys.path.append(RPR_GetResourcePath() + r"\UserPlugins")

from AZSTOKE_BRONZE_python import *

def Msg(parm):

    RPR_ShowConsoleMsg(str(parm) + "\n")


retval,_,_,_,allCount,_ = AZ_GetTrackMediaTypeCount(0,1,"",0,0)



retval,projID,trackID,mediaTypeID,allCount,typeCountOut = AZ_GetTrackMediaTypeCount(projID,trackID,mediaType,allCountOut,typeConutOut)

- API -



Number of all media in the specified track (including the number of specified formats)

- API Detail-

▼Input value

  • proj (integer): Project ID

  • trackID(integer) : track ID

  • mediaType(char): Type name ("WAV", "MP4", "MP3", etc.)

  • *If you leave the mediaType anonymous, all will be included.

  • allCountOut(integer): Enter 0. *Box for out

  • typeCountOut(integer): Enter 0. *Box for out

▼Output value

  • retval(bool): Whether the API execution was successful or not

  • proj (int):Project ID

  • trackID(int) : Track ID

  • mediaType(Str): Type name ("WAV", "MP4", "MP3", etc.)

  • allCount(integer): The number of media in the specified project

  • typeCount(integer): Number of media of the specified format

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