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GameAudio & Art

import sys

sys.path.append(RPR_GetResourcePath() + r"\UserPlugins")

from AZSTOKE_BRONZE_python import *

def Msg(parm):

    RPR_ShowConsoleMsg(str(parm) + "\n")

retval = AZ_SetSelectedTrackMediaFade(0,3,1,1,0.2,3,0.5)


retval = AZ_SetTrackMediaFade(projID, selectTrackID,trackItemID, inTypeOut,inLenOut,outTypeOut,outLenOut)

- API -



Set fade type and length for specified media in specified selected track

- API Detail-

▼Input value

  • projID (ReaProject): Project ID

  • selectTrackID(integer): Select track ID

  • trackItemID(integer): Track item ID

  • inType(integer): Type of start fade (0 to 6)

  • inLen(number): Length of the start fade (in seconds)

  • outType(integer): End fade type (0 to 6)

  • outLen(number): Length of the end fade (in seconds)

▼Output value

  • retval(boolean): Success or failure of API execution

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