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[Updated weekly - Python -] Speeding up audio editing - Automatic media insertion part 1 - ReaScript!!




Delete Mute and Unused Tracks Starting with Selected Tracks


[ PYTHON ] REAPDOCK/APIDOCK document update notification


This is Nakashima from AZSTOKE Co., Ltd.




I am very sorry.

We had planned to release the SILVER API in April, but it is taking longer than expected because we are working on making the SILVER extension more persuasive as we move forward with improvements to BRONZE. We plan to release SILVER in May, so we would appreciate your patience.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Python Weekly Documentation Updates

Starting this week, updates will be on Thursdays.

Get the beginning of the selected track and apply it to the following

Remove Muted Media and Delete Unused Tracks Results


To let you know what SILVER's API can do

We have begun releasing the contents of Reapdock in advance.

*SILVER is scheduled to be released in May.


What I will introduce this time is the Python version of ReaScript ,

I want to insert a large number of wav files into one track...

Select all the contents of the original folder and insert it by drag and drop!

...If that happens, data leakage may occur.

If you have a huge number of files, it can be a pain to check them one by one.

In such cases, you can use ReaScript to insert all at once by simply specifying one folder.

Furthermore, it arranges all the wav files at equal intervals of one second.

It looks neater if there are some gaps rather than items being placed in a row.

It was also used on-site and helped reduce processes.

This time, as the first part of the insert series, we introduced " inserting files in a specified folder in parallel at 1 second intervals ."

Stay tuned for the second installment!

□For detailed documentation on how to generate ReaScript, see 👇

By using BRONZE's API, you can achieve this with just a few lines of code!


Next time: 5/21 Reapdock Lua version released


[BRONZE 2.0.0 Release Celebration Free Campaign until 5/17!]


The new version, BRONZE 2.0.0, which improves work efficiency, has been released on May 1st.

Bug fixes from 1.0.3 have been made, and 28 new APIs have been added, including those for manipulating MediaItems, allowing more functionality to be used.

With the release of the new version, for a limited time until May 17th

We are holding a Golden Week free campaign .

If you enter the coupon code on the plan subscription screen, you can use BRONZE for free.

Please take this opportunity to try it out.


Free code: GWBRONZE200


Click here to register as a new member, sign up for a plan, or apply a coupon code.



New to Reaper/those considering subscribing to a plan
[REAPDOCK]Script documentation can be found here:
[APIDOCK] Please refer to the following table of contents for the APIs used in the script.

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