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Automated volume control technology using AZSTOKE patents

In today's game sound environment, thousands , or even tens of thousands , of audio pieces need to be edited.

The number of voices will increase even further if multilingual support is provided, such as dubbed voices.

The recorded voice of the voice actor breathes life into the character by expressing the emotional ups and downs of the voice. The emotional ups and downs of the voice vary in volume depending on the tension of the voice.

Therefore, in order to make it easier for viewers to hear, the sound creator in charge of the audio needs to keep the volume of the voice consistent.

A typical effect used to adjust the volume is the compressor.

A compressor processes sounds that exceed a specified volume level (threshold) to keep the volume at a constant value. However, this method does not ensure that the specified volume level is appropriate for all voices, and if it is done in bulk, it can cause the voice quality of a considerable number of voice actors to deteriorate.

Therefore, currently, we adjust the volume without compromising the quality of the audio by listening to the human ear and manually adjusting the volume curve for the parts that are perceived to be loud.

However, these tasks require careful work to be done on over 10,000 audio clips one by one, and the process takes an enormous amount of time .

In order to mechanize this process, we conducted research and development and discovered the optimal algorithm . By incorporating this algorithm into ReaScript, we have succeeded in automating the majority of voice recordings.

✔ Solve the problem with "HANDAUTOMER"

It obtains audio waveform information and uses a patented algorithm to measure and adjust the volume.

It takes just two seconds for one sound to be processed, and by combining it with ReaScript , 100 sounds can be edited in about three minutes . Until now, it took about two minutes to edit one sound, but by mechanizing this, 100 sounds can be edited in just three minutes. This technology is expected to contribute not only to game sound, but also to many other sound projects such as television and movies that use audio.

✔Volume adjustment in just 2 seconds

One concern with doing this fully automatically is whether it will be possible to make immediate fine adjustments if a problem arises.

Measurement and settings can be made using the volume curve, allowing for intuitive adjustments .

In order to make adjustments easier, the adjustment points have been kept to a minimum and the curve is designed to be easy to adjust.

✔ Professional specifications - Fine adjustment possible -

By utilizing a patented algorithm , it can even run on files with different volume levels by measuring audio waveforms.

Even if the adjustment range differs due to differences in volume caused by differences in recording environment, voice actor, or lines, the optimal dedicated curve can be automatically created based on information about each audio waveform .

✔ Works with files with different volume levels

Using a patented algorithm, it is designed to measure and set the volume curve regardless of length .

Therefore, it can read the volume changes even for long audio and create an accurate volume curve.

✔ Works with long files
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