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[RIGDOCKS] 3 days left until release! New plan SILVER released! Patented technology "HANDAUTOMER"

6 days left until SILVER

RIGDOCKS new plan SILVER to be released on June 6th

3 days left until release!




This time, we would like to introduce our patented technology " HANDAUTOMER " that will be added to the RIGDOCKS Plan SILVER .

HANDAUTOMER is an automation technology specialized in volume adjustment that uses AZSTOKE's patented technology.

Rather than "smashing" the signal like a compressor, it adjusts the volume by recreating fader work.

It obtains audio waveform information, applies patented algorithmic measurements, and adjusts the volume.


Like a manual compressor, it increases the low volume levels and lowers the high volume levels, and this process is carried out for two seconds per sound.

This process does not render an audio file, but leaves a fader line after processing, making it easy to see what processing has been done and allowing you to further fine-tune the volume.

With HANDAUTOMER , you can select from four levels of compression ratio as the adjustment strength.

A lower setting will produce a sound closer to the source material, while a higher setting will produce a more uniform volume.

The level can be adjusted to suit the scene or purpose.

After adjusting with HANDAUTOMER , you can use plug-in processing such as EQ and compressor to

This avoids the disadvantages of unadjusted audio, allowing workers to achieve the sound quality they prefer.

As a result, this technology will be useful not only for game sound production, but also for many other sound productions, such as television and film productions that handle a wide variety of sounds such as narration and live recording, and recording and mastering, where detailed adjustments are required for each characteristic of the voice, instrument, etc.


In RIGDOCKS' new plan SILVER , this HANDAUTOMER technology has been made available as an API that can be used with Reaper.

By joining SILVER and authenticating your account, you can use AZSTOKE's unique API.

It is available in Lua and Python languages on ReaScript.

108 useful APIs, including the HANDAUTOMER introduced here, will be available

RIGDOCKS new plan SILVER will be released on June 6th !


The next update will be on June 4th.

We would like to introduce the three options available with the new SILVER plan .

Stay tuned🎵


Our project RIGDOCKS aims to develop scripts by sound creators.

A new plan called SILVER has been unveiled to help make this a reality.

Many creators of various styles, who are not programmers, have noticed the potential of ReaScript.

Our goal is to provide an environment where people can participate in sound production.

Please take this opportunity to register for our service `` RIGDOCKS '' and enjoy the world of ReaScript.



New to Reaper/those considering subscribing to a plan

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