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[Information lifted] CEDEC2024 session information finally released today!!!

AZSTOKE Co., Ltd. will be speaking at a session at CEDEC2024.

We will hold a session that includes demonstrations of our proprietary technology "RIGDOCKS" so that many people can see the actual production flow.

If you have any questions about the details, please come to our booth and we will explain them in detail.

Let's incorporate automation into sound production and use it to create new creative possibilities.

We appreciate your continued support for the ever-evolving RIGDOCKS.

Customization with over 300 unique APIs "RIGDOCKS"! ~ Sound creators' ReaScript development ~

Official detailed link 👇

Wednesday, August 21

Venue 12

15:00 - 16:00: Regular session (60 minutes)

Speakers: Kentaro Nakajima, Sana Takeda, Yoshiki Sakaguchi

◆Session Contents

We will be giving a talk on RIGDOCKS, a unique API with over 300 features specialized for developing scripts that can be used with REAPER.

"RIGODCKS" incorporates many of our patented technology APIs, and has evolved into the world's first automation technology that can be customized for each game title.

By mechanizing the wide range of work involved in game sound production/editing, and implementation/adjustment in middleware (Wwise), we can significantly reduce personnel costs.

By completing complex processing within the RIGDOCKS API, although script development is the domain of programmers, sound creators themselves can carry out the production, and it is designed to quickly solve various problems in each game title.

In this presentation, we will introduce RIGDOCIKS and demonstrate how to create a script.

We will also provide a detailed explanation of our patented technology, HANDAUTOMER.

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