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The patent certificate for the patented technology "HANDAUTOMER" has finally been issued!!!

Patent certificate HANDAUTOMER

This is Nakajima from AZSTOKE Co., Ltd.

We have finally received the patent certificate for our patented technology "HANDAUTOMER".

Our first patent has been officially approved, marking a step forward in improving our technological capabilities.

Progress will continue unabated and will continue to move forward.

By continuing to share our technical capabilities with the outside world as "RIGDOCKS," we have simply created a foundation for the constant growth of our technical capabilities.

We are striving to make this a technology that continues to expand and grow.

We intend to continue our research every day so that more people can recognize AZSTOKE Inc. and contribute to the development of technology that will enable us to devote our full energy to the creativity of game development.

We appreciate your continued support for AZSTOKE Co., Ltd.

HANDAUTOMER concept image

"HANDAUTOMER" is AZSTOKE's own patented technology.

In today's game sound environment, it can take up to tens of thousands of audio pieces to be edited.

Compressors are the most commonly used tool for adjusting the volume of voice material, but this method can cause a degradation in sound quality when applied to all audio material at once, so even today in game sound production, volume is still adjusted manually by ear.

However, this process must be carried out one by one for over 10,000 audio files, which is currently taking an enormous amount of time.


We conducted our own research and development and finally discovered the optimal algorithm to automate this task. By incorporating this in ReaScript, we were able to achieve automated volume adjustment that is just like manually adjusting the volume of audio.


For more information about "HANDAUTOMER", please see this page.




We will have a booth/session at CEDEC2024.

We will be exhibiting at a booth and speaking at a session at CEDEC2024, which will be held from August 21st to 23rd.

After becoming a full member of CESA, we will unveil our new technology at CEDEC2024.

We would like to provide you with more information about "RIGDOCKS", including HANDAUTOMER.

Please wait for further details from CESA.


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