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[RIGDOCKS] BRONZE, 122 API items available for free!


FREE coupons are being issued for a limited time on the BRONZE plan ! ! A total of 122 items of API specialized for Media operations can now be used.



BRONZE plan is now issuing FREE coupons for a limited time


To celebrate the release of APIDOCK, the BRONZE plan is normally priced at ¥980.

We have issued a coupon code that is FREE for one month only from 2/7 to 3/7!

We look forward to your participation! Membership registration is required for purchase.



BRONZE plan contents


  • Downloading APIDOCK-reaper.AZSTOKE_BRONZE.dll

  • APIDOCK-reaper.AZSTOKE_BRONZE.dll Includes “MultiUserLisence”

  • Commercial use available -MultiUserLisence-

  • BRONZE range can be used indefinitely

  • REAPDOCK “ReaScript document viewing BRONZE privilege”

  • No support of any kind


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