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[RIGDOCKS] 6 days left until release! Introducing the convenient API for the new SILVER plan. 20% off campaign planned!

6 days left until SILVER

RIGDOCKS new plan SILVER scheduled to be released on June 6th

6 days left until release!


〇 RIGDOCKS Plan SILVER now available! -108 diverse APIs-


This time, we will introduce our unique API that will be added in the RIGDOCKS SILVER plan .

Most of the APIs that can be used with the existing BRONZE plan are media-related.

The latest release of Plan SILVER is currently available

You can use APIs related to "Tracks," "Files/Folders," "Numbers/Arrays," "UI," "HANDAUTOMER," and "Loudness."

Combining multiple APIs greatly reduces work time.

We also introduce some of these in our weekly updated REAP DOCK documents.

Just combining the SILVER API with other functions such as color-coding tracks by category and automatically numbering tracks will contribute to streamlining your work, but the possibilities are even greater when combined with the media-specific BRONZE API.

It can be a lot of work to visually delete the unused editing tracks and items that have accumulated during the process.

It's a great feeling to simply run a script that uses this API and have your things instantly tidy.

If you do this at the end of the day, you can work more comfortably the next day.

Additionally, the "HANDAUTOMER" and "Loudness" APIs introduced in the previous REAPDOCK document ( lua / python ) are now available! You can adjust the volume balance and loudness of multiple media at once.

In addition, many other APIs that have not yet been released will be added, such as "regions," "actions," "peaks," and "project settings."

This API improves region operability, allowing you to add and delete regions, get names and in and out points, set colors, and more, making exporting more convenient and concise.

The project settings API now allows you to change the destination folder for imported media and audio data captured during recording at any time.

Even if you put media with the same name into a session, you can continue working without changing the media name by changing the destination folder appropriately, or you can organize material data by media genre or category.

There are many useful APIs available that are too numerous to mention here.

RIGDOCKS new plan SILVER will be released on June 6th !


The next update will be on June 3rd.

We would like to introduce our patented technology "HANDAUTOMER" that will be added to the new SILVER plan .

Stay tuned🎵


[Preview! 20% off campaign available for purchases to celebrate the release of SILVER]


We plan to distribute discount coupons that can be used when purchasing RIGDOCKS' new SILVER plan .

Just enter the coupon code that will be announced at a later date when purchasing.

You can enjoy a 20% discount on our new SILVER plan !

In addition to the API introduced this time, we also have our own proprietary API that will further improve your work efficiency.

More will be added in the future.


Click here to register as a new member, sign up for a plan, or apply a coupon code.


Our project RIGDOCKS aims to develop scripts by sound creators.

A new plan called SILVER has been unveiled to help make this a reality.

Many creators of various styles, who are not programmers, have noticed the potential of ReaScript.

Our goal is to provide an environment where people can participate in sound production.

Please take this opportunity to register for our service `` RIGDOCKS '' and enjoy the world of ReaScript.



New to Reaper/those considering subscribing to a plan

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