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[Information] AZSTOKE Co., Ltd. will be participating in CEDEC2024!



AZSTOKE Co., Ltd. will participate in the Computer Entertainment Developers Conference 2024 (hereinafter referred to as CEDEC2024) sponsorship program, which will be held from August 21st to 23rd, 2024.

CEDEC is one of the largest conferences in Japan for computer entertainment developers, where they share game-related technology and knowledge.

The annual three-day event features approximately 200 sessions across seven fields: engineering, production, visual arts, business and production, sound, game design, and academic and fundamental technologies.


Sponsor program details

Exhibition booth

We will be exhibiting a booth to introduce our company in the exhibition area of the 1st floor exchange lounge at the CEDEC2024 venue.

Sponsored Session

CEDEC2024 will be a hybrid event, combining in-person and online events.

Our company will be participating in a 60-minute sponsored session.


It's packed with information about all the plans for our API service RIGDOCKS, as well as our patented technology HANDAUTOMER!

We look forward to your participation.



■ Name

Computer Entertainment Developers Conference 2024 (CEDEC2024)


Wednesday, August 21st to Friday, August 23rd, 2024

■ Venue

Pacifico Yokohama North

■ Target audience

・Those involved in computer entertainment development, particularly games.

・Consumer, mobile, network, any platform

・Those involved in entertainment content production and business

・Those involved in the development and research of related technologies, equipment, etc.


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