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[Press Release] API BRONZE 2.0.0 released, enabling sound creators to develop scripts for Reaper - now available for free

BRONZE200 released


■Press Release■


Scripts were completely unrelated to sound creators.

However, when it comes to sound production, the ability to use scripts can make a big difference.

We believe that this is absolutely essential knowledge for future sound creators, so we have worked to create an API that is easier to use.

As a first step, we have begun offering a free API for BRONZE 2.0.0, which enables the development of ReaScripts tailored to actual work sites, and allows users to gain a deeper understanding of many types of automation.

On May 1st, we announced the release of the BIG update, BRONZE 2.0.0.

For a limited time, we are holding a Golden Week free campaign from May 1st to May 17th.



Free code: GWBRONZE200


Please see the following instructions for how to apply the free code. How to apply the coupon code

How to add a coupon code

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