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[Announcement] BIG update "BRONZE 2.0.0" will be released on May 1st!!!

BRONZE 2.0.0


[BRONZE 2.0.0 Release: More freedom in creating ReaScript]


Check the release notes is an important announcement from AZSTOKE Co., Ltd. The release of BRONZE 2.0.0 has been scheduled for May 1st. In this new version, BRONZE's media operations have been significantly expanded, and operations from MediaItems are now possible. This allows for the creation of ReaScripts with greater freedom, further drawing out the user's creativity. In addition, bug fixes have been made to achieve more stable operation. This will help improve the user's work efficiency.

In addition, this update also adds an API for inserting media. This makes it possible to insert files directly from a folder. Even better, the character code issue associated with inserting has been resolved within the API. This means that users can use BRONZE with peace of mind.

In addition to the new features, we have also fixed some bugs, ensuring that BRONZE 2.0.0 is delivered with the most complete content.

[REAPDOCK]Script documentation can be found here:
[APIDOCK] Please refer to the following table of contents for the APIs used in the script.

FREE 5/1-5/17


[BRONZE 2.0.0 Golden Week Free Campaign!]


And we have some more exciting news for you!

Golden Week Free Campaign to Celebrate BRONZE 2.0.0

The event will run from May 1st to May 17th.

During this period, you can use BRONZE for free. In addition, we have fixed the API bugs in 1.0.3 and added 28 dedicated API items. This will make it an even easier to use and more convenient tool.

This campaign aims to promote ReaScript development among sound creators and provide an environment where more people can participate in music production. Please take this opportunity to try BRONZE for free and take your first step into the world of ReaScript development.

Enjoy the release of BRONZE 2.0.0 and our Golden Week free campaign!

New to Reaper/those considering subscribing to a plan

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