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[Updated weekly - Python -] Super easy track solo mode by specifying part of the track name! - ReaScript!!




This week's REAP DOCK


[ PYTHON ] REAPDOCK/APIDOCK document update notification


This is Nakashima from AZSTOKE Co., Ltd.

Python Weekly Documentation Updates

This week's REAP DOCK explanation 1

This week's REAP DOCK explanation 2

It's Thursday document update day.

The only preparation required is to include a specific string when naming the track.

By running this script, you can instantly solo listen to tracks that contain the specified string!

In the sample, we show the "_jp/_en" switching as an example, but you can also separate it into specific character actions,

If you add "_edit" to a specific edit track, you can listen to several tracks at once.

This is a useful script that makes your work easier.

Next time we look forward to!

□For detailed documentation on how to generate ReaScript, see 👇


Make your work more efficient with SILVER's API


Next time: 6/18 Reapdock Lua version released




New to Reaper/those considering subscribing to a plan
[REAPDOCK]Script documentation can be found here:
[APIDOCK] Please refer to the following table of contents for the APIs used in the script.

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