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[RIGDOCKS Update Information] BRONZE API ver2.1.0 released!

With the theme of "ReaScript development for sound creators," we provide an API for script development that can be used by creators who use Reaper, even by non-programmers, with the aim of automating tasks.

BRONZE version 2.1.0 released

We will be releasing "BRONZE2.1.0" today, an additional update that includes some bug fixes for the currently available RIGDOCKS Plan BRONZE.

In this update, we have added APIs that enable control of media insertion and cursor control.

You can now specify the timing of inserting consecutive media in units of frames or seconds. You can also now specify the start frame number and track of the insertion.

To enable users to "choose their own preferred method" for the action of "inserting media"

Detailed control systems have been made into APIs, and can be executed with visually easy-to-understand scripts of just a few lines.

And now a new feature has been added: "Cursor control."

The playback cursor position can now be set in units of seconds and frames.

This will allow you to shortcut tedious playback operations and create a stress-free playback environment.

And on June 6th, the SILVER plan will finally be released!

When used in conjunction with the newly released BRONZE 2.1.0, it will open up new avenues for automating work.

Expand your world of ReaScript even further with BRONZE2.1.0.





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