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[Updated weekly - Lua -] Essential for MA production!! - Session organization automation - ReaScript!!




Automatically set sequential names and colors for selected tracks


[ LUA ]REAPDOCK/APIDOCK document update notification


This is Nakajima from AZSTOKE Co., Ltd.




I am very sorry.

We had planned to release the SILVER API in April, but it is taking longer than expected because we are working on making the SILVER extension more persuasive as we move forward with improvements to BRONZE. We plan to release SILVER in May, so we would appreciate your patience.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Today is Weekly Document Update Monday (LUA). The topic this time is a ReaScript called " Automatically set sequential names and colors for selected track children . "

Selecting Media
The pitch is adjusted to -1 for the selected waveform.


To let you know what SILVER's API can do

We have begun releasing the contents of Reapdock in advance.

*SILVER is scheduled to be released in May.


This reference ReaScript is an even more practical function. When actually producing sound on-site, there are times when you need to deliver the sound in a session or have it checked by your team. However, when producing sound effects, the number of tracks almost always becomes huge, and organizing these tracks can be very difficult. We will release a very useful Script that will instantly help you organize the tracks. It is actually being used on-site, and it has reduced the man-hours of our staff.

□For detailed documentation on how to generate ReaScript, see 👇

By using BRONZE's API , you can achieve this with just a few lines of code!


Next time: 4/24 Reapdock Python version released



New to Reaper/those considering subscribing to a plan
[REAPDOCK]Script documentation can be found here:
[APIDOCK] Please refer to the following table of contents for the APIs used in the script.

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