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[Updated weekly - Python -] Automatic generation of the same type part 1 - Automatically create multiple sets of tracks at once! - ReaScript!!




This week's REAP DOCK


[ PYTHON ] REAPDOCK/APIDOCK document update notification


This is Nakashima from AZSTOKE Co., Ltd.

Thursday is Python documentation update day.

This week's REAP DOCK explanation 1

This week's REAP DOCK explanation 2

It's Thursday document update day.

This time, I will introduce ReaScript Python version for bulk automatic duplication.

When creating the sound of the same action for multiple characters in a session,

It would be extremely useful if you could create a lot of group tracks with the exact same structure all at once.

Other times, you may want to record sounds at the same time, such as when switching weapons, or you don't have enough editing tracks, so you want a track with the same composition right away!

I'm sure there will be many times when you want the same set of tracks.

In that case, try using this script.

If you enter any name into the TrackNameList in the script,

The track group set will be duplicated with the parent track named as specified.

Stay tuned for the second installment!

□For detailed documentation on how to generate ReaScript, see 👇


Make your work more efficient with SILVER's API


Next time: 6/25 Reapdock Lua version released




New to Reaper/those considering subscribing to a plan
[REAPDOCK]Script documentation can be found here:
[APIDOCK] Please refer to the following table of contents for the APIs used in the script.

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