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[RIGDOCKS] SILVER release has begun! 20% OFF campaign is now on!!


■Press Release■


We are sorry for the long wait!!

RIGDOCKS SILVER is finally released !



Click here to apply for RIGDOCKS SILVER


The SILVER API includes many APIs that are not included in the BRONZE API, making it possible to achieve automation.

If you are a BRONZE subscriber, you can easily set up automated control by combining these tools.

In addition, it includes the API for AZSTOKE's patented automatic volume adjustment technology " HANDAUTOMER ".

You can expect a significant reduction in audio editing work!

The newly released Plan SILVER brings together many technologies that will make working with Reaper more efficient and improve your productivity!


Plan SILVER is offered in three pricing plans. We have three plans to suit your needs, so please feel free to use them.

And at the same time , the RIGDOCKS Bridge was released.

This is a user license app required to use the SILVER API.

Don't forget to download it!


[20% off campaign to celebrate the release of SILVER 1.0.0!]


SILVER1.0.0 Campaign

To celebrate the release of our new SILVER plan, we are running a 20% discount campaign!


Coupon code: SILVER100


Applicable plans: All RIGDOCKS plans

Period: June 6th to June 20th


If you enter the coupon code on the plan purchase screen, you can purchase all RIGDOCKS plans at a discount. Please consider taking advantage of this opportunity.

Click here to register as a new member, sign up for a plan, or apply a coupon code.


RIGDOCKS is a project by our company AZSTOKE that aims to "develop scripts by sound creators."

Focusing on the potential of ReaScript, we aim to provide an environment where non-programmers of various styles can participate in sound production.

Please take this opportunity to register for our service "RIGDOCKS" and enjoy the world of ReaScript.



New to Reaper/those considering subscribing to a plan

Click here to apply for RIGDOCKS SILVER

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